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Creamy Primer

Creamy Primer

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Formula Description: 

Smoothing Primer is a silicon primer that will create the perfect canvas for your makeup looks, giving the skin a soft-focus and matte effect. It contains silicon resins that provide a better grip to the formula, so the primer will last longer on the skin. Silicon polymers help to minimize pores, giving a beautiful soft-focus,
smoothing effect. Further, high volatility silicones allow the product to dry quickly and obtain a light effect on the skin. Smoothing Primer is also enriched with a texturizing powder that provides a flexible, elegant and luxury texture to the product, it helps to give brightness to the skin and a filling effect for small lines.

The formula contains Maltodextrin & Lactobacillus Ferment* (mkt %), an active
with probiotics which can strengthen the skin barrier, regulate the microbiome
and soothe the redness of the skin. The skin feels more comfortable, more
hydrated, visibly less dry and reinforced against the pollution.

*The properties (AM) are related to the active ingredient only; performances of the formula must be confirmed with an appropriate test

▪ Pore minimizing
▪ Smoothing effect
▪ Matte effect
▪ Comfortable feeling

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): 3,000 units are possible if client provides the primary component. Otherwise, the MOQ is 5,000 units for turnkey service.

Country of Origin: Italy

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