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No More Flaw Marker

No More Flaw Marker

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Did you make a mistake but don’t want to restart you makeup? Correct your little
makeup mistakes with our No More Flaw Marker. The easier way to touch up makeup
mistake as little flaw or imprecise eyeliner lines. The perfect product to correct very
flaws in a quick and effective way. Two different versions available: one formulated
with a special blend of raw materials and the other one completely natural.

- Instantly removes out of place makeup
- Fine tip allows for clean precise lines

• SPECIAL BLEND OF RAW MATERIALS: with cleansing ability against all
makeup products.

The product does not contain:
- Parabens
- Acrylates
- Phthalates
- Petrolatum
- Silicones

Vegan Friendly
The formula does not contain any animal origin ingredients.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: apply the product over the imperfection to be corrected.
Its texture has been specially designed to avoid smudging.

PACKAGING: marker with thin tip.

LEGISLATION: The product is compliant with following legislation: UE, USA and

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