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Moussy Lips Liquid Lipstick

Moussy Lips Liquid Lipstick

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Formula Description: An exclusive revolution of matte liquid lipstick, Moussy lips is the new frontier of lip
makeup. A moussy, soft, ultra-smooth and gliding texture that envelopes the lips with
a vibrant intense color. Extremely sensorial emulsion mousse like that covers the lips
with an even matte color that stay unchanged for long. Easy and precise application
with a flawless matte finish that enhance the beauty of the lips. The texture glides on
the lips like a caress ensuring a real comfort and intense color. Very high formulation
technology, quick drying time and a build-up application, for a more and more
intense finish.

- Intense matte finish
- Velvety touch and mousse like texture
- Durable color

• TEXTURIZING AGENTS: with a soft touch, that allows to reduce the drying time
of the texture.
• ESTER: gives a rich and intense finish.
• PURE PIGMENTS: intense and deep color effect.
• SILICONE ELASTOMERS: velvety finish with long lasting properties.
• MIX OF WAXES: good emollient properties, that gives hydrophobicity for a
water-resistant effect and provides elasticity to the formulation that can be
easily applied.

The product does not contain:
- Parabens
- Acrylates
- Mineral oil
- Phthalates

Vegan Friendly
The formula does not contain any animal origin ingredients.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: apply on the lips and let it dry, its sensory texture ensures
lasting comfort and intense color.

PACKAGING: Air-tight flaconette.

LEGISLATION: The product is compliant with following legislation: UE, USA and PROP65.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): 3,000 units are possible if client provides the primary component. Otherwise, the MOQ is 5,000 units for turnkey service.

Country of Origin: Italy

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